This band started out with a simple bound friendship
between Guthrie Brown & Phillip Griffin. The two young boys got together
and had an acoustic duo going named Gutpill. The boys also always
wanted a bigger and better sound. So they met a man by the name
of Will Honaker. Will played many instruments such as piano, tenor sax
and even clarinet. When those three boys got done playing a show one
night, they realized that they wanted an even bigger sound. That’s
when Jordan Finn (drums), Adam Roebling (bass & vocals), and Brian
Nichols (banjo) stepped up to the plate. Once the band had six members
they knew that they were set. The Forestry has played many shows in
Billings and have a certain style of music that no mortal man can put a
finger on. We hope to see great things come from this band in the future.
This is the best new band to come out of the local music scene in years!


Saturday, August 13 “Magic City Blues at South Park” 11:30 am

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